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Recent Developments in Suicide Prevention for Crisis Centers

webinarThe National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has been collaborating with researchers and subject matter experts in the field on some exciting developments for crisis centers. Shye Louis, Coordinator of Best Practices in Suicide Prevention from the Lifeline will be on hand to share details on the Lifeline’s Safety Assessment – a shift in focus on our national risk assessment standards, our new recommendations on call center metrics for crisis centers and new resources for follow-up with people at risk of suicide. 

Participants will learn:
• About the Lifeline’s refocus in the area of Risk Assessment to a more person-centered and recovery focused “Safety Assessment” 
• Additional guidance on HOW to undertake an assessment not just what to ask 
• An overview of a conceptual framework to guide risk assessment and preview of tools to come for Lifeline centers 
• How tracking call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) at a crisis center can better help callers 
• Recommendations on Key Performance Indicators for crisis centers to track 
• How to access resources/tools available on the new Follow-up Matters microsite 
• How their center can join the Lifeline if they are not already part of the network

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