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Using Data Repositories to Build Partnerships and Explore New Revenue Streams

You invest loads of time into building a comprehensive database of community resources in an effort to connect your clients with services that can help them. But, your help-seekers aren't the only ones interested in this data. Hospitals, healthcare providers, government entities, and others wish to tap into the same data you are curating — and they're willing to pay you to access it.

In this webinar recording we share iCarol's vision for creating data repositories that will help you build partnerships, open up new sources of funding, and most important of all, help more people.

You will learn:

  • Current commonly used methods of sharing data in the I&R industry 
  • The challenges of operating within these models 
  • New methods being used by regional 2-1-1s 
  • Cloud-based computing and how it applies to partnerships 
  • Data standards and why a common data language is important 
  • iCarol's vendor-neutral vision for leveraging your data to benefit your helpline and your community at large

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