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Marketing Methods That Boost Your Chat/Text Engagement


Consumer demand for access to services through Chat and Texting/SMS is on the rise across all industries, including not-for-profit services. Helplines, crisis centers, or information and referral organizations must offer more options than a voice call if they wish to reach the most people and make their services more accessible to people in need.

However, simply turning on these channels typically won't result in an immediate influx of chat messages and texts. Like any new service, it takes planning, advertising and time to build awareness and spread the word before one can hope to see results. Join us for a webinar with a panel of iCarol users running successful Chat/Text programs to hear how they effectively promoted their new channels to the communities they serve.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:

  • An overview of the Live Chat/Texting programs offered by three different organizations based both in the US and Canada
  • The methods these organizations used to advertise and build a population of clients for their programs, including their experiences with:
    • Search engine advertising
    • Social Media ads
    • Print media
    • Targeted outreach
    • And more...
  • The challenges a Program Manager might expect to face when creating and implementing a marketing plan
  • Advice on budgets or making funding requests for marketing purposes

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