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Suicide Prevention through Emergency Departments/Crisis Center Partnerships


Approximately 20% of suicide deaths occur within weeks of visiting an Emergency Department (ED), and a recent study reported that telephonic counseling after ED visits for suicidal ideation or behavior reduced subsequent attempts by 30% compared to enhanced usual care. Such data has sparked discussion in the suicide prevention industry about follow-up care and how partnerships between qualified crisis centers and ED’s can save lives.

Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners (RMCP), the Colorado state hotline, with support from the Colorado Suicide Prevention Commission and SAMHSA, worked with 15 ED’s across the state to take referrals of suicidal individuals being discharged from an ED. Join us as we host crisis clinicians from RMCP for a discussion on this partnership and the successes and challenges they’ve encountered. A representative from the national Lifeline will also join us to discuss how the Lifeline is supporting crisis centers in these efforts.

You will learn:

  • An overview of the program including program goals, rationale for the program and recruitment of ED’s
  • RMCP’s operational guidelines including why RMCP, purpose of follow up calls and how the program works
  • Results including clients' reports on additional hospital visits, suicide attempts and general information on who is utilizing the program
  • Funding recommendations
  • Programmatic lessons learned
  • How the Lifeline can support network centers in creating, supporting, and sustaining crisis center follow-up programs
  • The various resources available via the Follow-Up Matters microsite, including research and data, tools, and examples of current follow-up partnerships between crisis centers and emergency departments
  • The current state of follow-up practices in the Lifeline network and the variability of follow-up programs that allow crisis centers to create programs uniquely suited to their centers and community needs

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