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Crafting Effective Crisis Center Messaging and Engaging with the Media


Interacting with the media and the public about suicide prevention, mental health, and crisis center programming is becoming increasingly important. These topics are becoming more relevant than ever, so it’s critical that you are prepared to communicate your message effectively. During the webinar, we’ll talk about what effective communication for crisis centers looks like - how do you talk about funding or other needs for your crisis center? What sort of materials are you using to communicate these needs? Are you effectively using your social media assets? We’ll also discuss the importance of forming relationships with media outlets and journalists. This webinar will cover some tips on how to effectively communicate aspects of your work and crisis center to increase your visibility in the community and ensure accuracy of reporting. We will also discuss some specific examples of good and bad crisis center and suicide prevention communication materials.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:

  • About effective ways to communicate your crisis center’s work and provide the public information about suicide prevention
  • The difference between Good Media and Bad Media reporting on suicide
  • How to proactively engage the media
  • About some free or low-cost tools to help create effective communications tools

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