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Building a United Crisis Line Team in Times of Diverse Need


Being in the midst of uncertainty and fear can be an uncomfortable state for those who reach out to crisis services as well as those who operate the lines. In recent years, multiple events have led call and chat volume to rise continually and individuals are reaching out for a wider array of issues. In this workshop, we hope to provide tools and strategies to build a united crisis line team in times of diverse need.

Participants will learn to expand their staff/volunteers’ skillset through multidisciplinary trainings to ensure the most vulnerable populations’ needs are met. Secondly, participants will learn how to effectively manage day-to-day operations while supporting the needs of crisis line workers. Lastly, we will discuss how to best use data in conjunction with the expertise of staff to strategically plan for operational and staffing needs. These newly learned tools will accelerate crisis lines’ abilities to balance meeting the increasing demand of people in crisis while caring for a vulnerable team of crisis counselors.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:


  • How to outreach to and collaborate with community partners
  • How to incorporate training across multiple platforms (call/chat)
  • How to train staff/volunteer counselors in topics of interest

Management and Operations

  • How to build community on shift among staff/volunteers
  • How to manage call/chat volume to avoid burnout and optimize volume
  • How to support staff/volunteer counselors during and after difficult contacts

Strategic Operational Planning

  • How to digitalize operations and materials
  • How to utilize data and evaluations to inform operational decisions
  • How to collaborate with staff on policies and procedures

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