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Addressing Imminent Risk via Collaborative 911 Relationships and the NENA Suicide Prevention Standard

Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM EST


For crisis organizations, priorities center on providing collaborative and best practices-based client-centered care. This often means working with individuals who may be at imminent risk and providing the best, least-invasive care. But what about when you must involve emergency services?

This presentation will discuss best practices and standards around crisis organization/911 center collaborations in the service of those at imminent risk. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s collaboration with the National Emergency Numbers Association (NENA) and the development of the NENA Suicide Prevention Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be discussed, as well as how it interacts with the Lifeline’s Policy for Working with Individuals at Imminent Risk. The presentation will provide information on how knowledge of the SOP can improve crisis center/PSAP operations and the importance of building collaborative relationships that serve the needs of the community, those of the crisis center, and those of 911/PSAP centers

You Will Learn:

  • How the NENA SOP impacts crisis center operating procedures and interactions with local 911 centers
  • The importance of building collaborative relationships with 911 centers as a best practice in addressing imminent risk
  • Recent collaboration between the Lifeline and NENA to update and revise the NENA Suicide Prevention SOP
  • The advantages of building stronger and more formal partnerships with 911 centers
  • Knowledge of the elements of MOUs and other types of formal partnerships between crisis centers and 911 centers and implementing these agreements

Who Should Attend:

Crisis organization leadership/management and others who can affect policy changes at their organization.

Our Presenter:

Shye L. Louis, M.Ed., CIRS
Coordinator – Best Practices in Suicide Prevention, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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